Workshop / Overview

 PyGlove is a recently open-sourced library by Google that allows programmatically changing code at runtime. This "makes meta-programs much easier to write" to quote the PyGlove development team. Which makes it easy and quick building of powerful AutoML/Neural Architecture Search algorithms. We will explore Neural Architecture Search using PyGlove as our library of implementation/execution. Delivered by: Ali Hussein, Daisy Khaabi,Mazen Mobtassem & Omar Abo El Fotoh, 

Workshop / Outcome

 Participants will have an understanding of Neural Architecture Search and how to implement a NAS algorithm using PyGlove. 

Workshop / Difficulty

Intermediate level

Workshop / Prerequisites

 Basic knowledge of Python. Basic knowledge of ML. Knowledge of a Neural Network library is helpful but not compulsory. 

Track / Co-organizers

Ali Hussein

Ronin Institute

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