Workshop / Overview

 In this workshop, I'll show how to build a machine learning pipeline combining some MLOps tools. The pipeline would include data processing, deployment and monitoring. 

Workshop / Outcome

 They would learn how to build an ML pipeline from scratch and understand the inner workings of some tools 

Workshop / Difficulty

Intermediate level

Workshop / Prerequisites

 Basic ML knowledge, laptop, internet 

Track / Co-organizers

Ejiro Onose


AMLD Africa 2022 / Workshops

Basics of Reinforcement Learning for industrial learning

With Anant Nawalgaria & Alexander Erfurt

13:00-18:00 November 05Online - Whova

Data Engineering On AWS

09:00-13:00 November 05Online - Whova

Building Transformer-Based Natural Language Processing Applications

With Amal Tarifa

09:00-17:00 November 05Online - Whova

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