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Welcome Notes

With Marcel Salathé

Standardising NGS-based clinical routine diagnostics

With Zhenyu Xu

TensorFlow for Poets

With Pete Warden

Natural Language Processing in the Enterprise

With Claudiu Musat

Machine learning applied to microbial genomics: from prediction of infection potential to targeted treatment of bacterial disease

With Nadejda Lupolova

Growing Wikipedia Across Languages via Recommendation

With Robert West

True Artificial Intelligence will Change Everything

With Jürgen Schmidhuber

Signal Processing in the Age of Data

With Pierre Vandergheynst

Estimating causal effects from observational data

With Marloes Maathuis

CrowdAI winner's symposium

With Marcel Salathé, Armand Joulin, André Panisson, Sasank Chilamkurthy & Nguyen Minh Hieu

Towards Human Behavior Modeling from Mobile Data

With Nuria Oliver

Computer Perception, Natural Language & Deep Learning: bringing it all together to solve Common Sense

With Emmanuel Mogenet

Distributed Machine Learning and Text Classification

With Martin Jaggi

Panel on AI & Society

With Nuria Oliver, Emmanuel Mogenet, Marcel Salathé & Ed Bugnion

Job Fair

Distributed Deep Learning on AWS using MXNet

With Anima Anandkumar

ADA Poster Session

Learning-based compression for neural signals (and MRI too!)

With Volkan Cevher

Big data vs. the right data

With Boi Faltings

Semi-supervised learning of deep metrics for stereo reconstruction

With Francois Fleuret

Track / Speakers

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

Martin Jaggi

Professor, EPFL

Pierre Vandergheynst

Vice-President for Education, EPFL

Robert West

Professor, EPFL

Francois Fleuret

Senior Researcher, Idiap

Volkan Cevher

Associate Professor, EPFL

Claudiu Musat

Research Director, Swisscom

Armand Joulin

Research scientist, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research

Zhenyu Xu

Chief Technology Officer, Sophia Genetics

Pete Warden

Staff Research Engineer, Google

Nadejda Lupolova

PhD, University Edinburgh

Jürgen Schmidhuber

Professor, IDSIA

Marloes Maathuis

Professor, ETH Zurich

André Panisson

Research Leader Data Science Lab, ISI Foundation

Sasank Chilamkurthy

AI Researcher & Founder,

Nguyen Minh Hieu

Nuria Oliver

Cofounder and Vice president, ELLIS

Emmanuel Mogenet

Head of Research, Google Research Europe

Ed Bugnion

Vice President, EPFL

Anima Anandkumar

Principal Scientist, Amazon

Boi Faltings

Professor, EPFL

Track / Co-organizers

Robert West

Professor, EPFL

Martin Jaggi

Professor, EPFL

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

AMLD EPFL 2017 / Tracks & talks


Marcel Salathé, Martin Jaggi, Pierre Vandergheynst, Robert West, Francois Fleuret, Volkan Cevher, Claudiu Musat, Armand Joulin, Zhenyu Xu, Pete Warden, Nadejda Lupolova, Jürgen Schmidhuber, Marloes Maathuis, André Panisson, Sasank Chilamkurthy, Nguyen Minh Hieu, Nuria Oliver, Emmanuel Mogenet, Ed Bugnion, Anima Anandkumar, Boi Faltings

08:00-18:00 January 3008:00-15:30 January 31Auditorium C

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