Workshop / Overview

A deep dive into real-world applications of language technologies. You will hear about use cases applying Natural Language Processing (NLP) in different industries, e.g., insurance, banking, and pharma from leading data scientists and technology specialists.

Workshop / Outcome

NLP and AI: Challenges of applying language technologies in financial services
13:30-13:45 January 26 · with Kornelia Papp (Swiss Re, Machine Intelligence DSA)

When (and why) rule-based rules
13:45-14:00 January 26 · with Manuel Dömer (Swiss Re, Property & Casualty IT)

The new digital customer experience
14:00-14:15 January 26 · with Pamela Negosanti (Expert System)

Contextual AI
14:15-14:25 January 26 · with Benyounes Moumni (Swisscom)

Coffee Break
14:25-14:45 January 26

Application of text mining in pharma: use cases and platform approach
14:45-15:00 January 26 · with Lingli He (PwC)

Topic modelling for investment research
15:00-15:15 January 26 · with Urszula Bielawny (Swiss Re, Asset Management)

Decoding customer satisfaction from unstructured acoustic data
15:15-15:30 January 26 · with Nicolas Perony (

Coffee Break
15:30-15:50 January 26

Panel Discussion
15:50-16:30 January 26 · with Javiera Guedes (Credit Suisse), Yauhen Klimovich (Move Digital AG), Moez Mnif (IBM) - Moderated by Mark Rowan

Participants will gain knowledge of speech and text solutions when applied in medium-sized/large enterprises. They will learn about different sub-fields of NLP, e.g., text classification, opinion mining, topic modelling, emotion detection, insight generation, and ontology engineering. They will also gain insights into the main challenges of language technologies.

Workshop / Difficulty

Beginner level

Workshop / Prerequisites

  • Interest in NLP

Track / Co-organizers

Kornelia Papp

Cognitive Data Scientist, Swiss Re

NLP Meetup Zurich

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TensorFlow Basics 2019 – Saturday

With Bartek Wołowiec, Megan Ruthven, Ruslan Habalov & Andreas Steiner

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Document Digitization Challenge

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TensorFlow Basics 2019 – Sunday

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