Track / Schedule


With Marcel Salathé

Multimodality: Applying Advanced Analytics in the Pharmaceutical and Diagnostics Industry to Improve Patient Outcomes and Personalize Care

With Gunther Jansen

Innovation Spotlight

With Patrick Barbey

biped | Giving vision with sounds

With Arthur Gassner

Privacy adversaries in ML — Eviler than you think

With Carmela Troncoso

AI for Science @EPFL

With Lenka Zdeborová

Music Interlude

With Chiara Enderle

Data Clarity

With Simon Hefti

Making Data Work with industrialized ML

With Laure Willemin

Challenges in Natural Language Processing research in 2022: large models, multi-modality and datasets

With Thomas Wolf

Music Interlude

With Chiara Enderle

Track / Speakers

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

Lenka Zdeborová

Professor, EPFL

Carmela Troncoso

Professor, EPFL

Chiara Enderle


Patrick Barbey

Director, Innovaud

Thomas Wolf

Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, Hugging Face

Gunther Jansen

Global Head, Personalized Healthcare Analytics, Roche

Laure Willemin

Head of Data, Analytics & AI, Swisscom

Simon Hefti

Partner, D ONE

Arthur Gassner

Software Engineer, biped

Track / Co-organizers

Robert West

Professor, EPFL

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

Antoine Bosselut

Professor, EPFL

AMLD EPFL 2022 / Tracks & talks

AMLD Keynote Session – Monday morning

Marcel Salathé, Lenka Zdeborová, Carmela Troncoso, Chiara Enderle, Patrick Barbey, Thomas Wolf, Gunther Jansen, Laure Willemin, Simon Hefti, Arthur Gassner

10:00-12:00 March 28Auditorium A

AI & Physics

Francesca Mignacco, Gert-Jan Both, Michael Unser, Thomas Asikis, Dalila Salamani, Pietro Rotondo, Tom Beucler, Giulio Biroli

12:30-18:00 March 285BC

AI & Pharma

Asif Jan, Jonas Richiardi, Patrick Schwab, Naghmeh Ghazaleh, Alexander Büsser, Carlos Ciller, Caibin Sheng, Silvia Zaoli, Félix Balazard, Giulia Capestro, Marianna Rapsomaniki, Martijn van Attekum

13:30-17:30 March 281BC

AMLD / Global partners