Portrait image of Alexander Immer

Alexander Immer is a Ph.D. student at the Max-Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems interested in probabilistic machine learning and data science. Before that, he was a Master’s student at EPFL and an intern at RIKEN AIP in Tokyo. The current focus of his work is on scalable Bayesian model selection and applications to biomedical problems.

AMLD EPFL 2021 / Speakers

Jeffrey R. Bohn

Chief Strategy Officer, One Concern

Katarína Baštáková

Operations Specialist, Swiss Re

Uwe Nagel

Chapter Lead Data Science Bratislava, Swiss Re

Kate Davey

Learner Experience Manager, EPFL Extension School

Saad Mouti

Visiting Assistant Professor, UC Santa Barbara

Xiaowu Dai

Postdoc, UC Berkeley

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