Portrait image of Paolo Bajardi

Dr. Bajardi is currently manager of Industrial Research at the ISI Foundation, in Torino. He holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Aix-Marseille, a Master in Epidemiology from the University of Turin and a Master in Data Engineering at the Politecnico of Turin.
His research activity focused on large-scale simulations, network science, and data mining and machine learning techniques to analyse digital traces from human activities. Before joining ISI Foundation, Dr. Bajardi worked as a consultant in the private sector, being involved in multiple data-intensive projects for large multinational companies.
Currently, his work focuses on bridging the gap between Data Science Research and Industry needings, helping corporates and nonprotfit organisations to be more effective in using AI, machine learning, and data science to provide data-driven answers to complex strategic challenges to ultimately have a positive impact on business and society.

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