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Dr. Yamine Bouzembrak  received his PhD in Computer science and Automatics in 2011 from Lille Nord de France University in France. Following, he started as a Professor Assistant in Industrial engineering and logistics department in Artois University in France. In 2014, he started at Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR), Wageningen University and Research, in the Netherlands in a Postdoc position as a researcher in food safety. 
At present, Yamine is a researcher in Artificial Intelligence at WFSR and works on building machine learning  models to make and keep food safe. He has expertise in (i) application of machine learning in prediction models for food safety and food fraud, (ii) application of Big Data technologies in food safety and food fraud, (iii) Internet of Things in food safety and (iv) methods for food safety hazards identification, effect of drivers of change on food safety. He has experience in modelling early warning and prediction systems using machine learning, such as in the EU FP7 project “FOODINTEGRITY” where he developed an early warning model for food fraud prediction using Bayesian networks method and text mining. On these topics, he is author and co-author of > 30 peer-reviewed scientific publications. He has been involved in many (inter)national projects such as the EU FP7 projects “SPICED”, “FOODINTEGRITY”  and “NANODEFINE”, and EFSA projects: Aquarius and DEMETER. 

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