Talk / Overview

Panelist 1 - Michael I. Jordan
ML has shown amazing progress in the last decade. There is a strong phase excitement around deep learning, but will that peak out? How far will that go?

Panelist 2 - Jeannette Wing
Why should we trust AI or how can we make it more trustworthy?

Panelist 3 - Pushmeet Kohli
Will AI be able to answer fundamental science questions around maths, physics? In what degree will it play a role in natural sciences? What role ML could play in the development of science?

Moderated by Rüdiger Urbanke
Including Q&A with audience

Talk / Speakers

Pushmeet Kohli

Head of Research (AI for Science, Robustness and Reliability), DeepMind

Michael I. Jordan

Professor for Computer Sciences, Berkeley

Jeannette M. Wing

Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University

Rüdiger Urbanke

Professor, EPFL

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