Talk / Overview

For legal and compliance of financial institutions, the exponential growth of data is both a threat and a promise. A threat, because finding crucial facts buried in hundreds of thousands of documents is hard. A promise, because risk relevant processes can be increasingly better monitored and surveilled. The challenge is to extract, analyse and interpret data properly, so that all associated risks are managed and all opportunities are leveraged.

In this talk, we present our novel text analytics platform to tackle this challenge. In a hands-on demo, we show how modern legal and compliance leverage NLP  to gain accuracy and increase cost efficiency by context-enriching and cross-referencing documents. We discuss use cases of financial institutions like surveilling client communication with the bank, background checks for purposes of KYC and AML and staying up to date on newest legislations. While actual projects are highly confidential, the demo makes use of the Swiss data protection act (DPA) legal corpus as well as commentaries (e.g. by FDPIC) to illustrate the power of the approach.

Talk / Speakers

Jacqueline Stählin

Managing Consultant, D ONE

Philipp Thomann

Managing Consultant, D ONE

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