Talk / Overview

In my talk, I will describe the work that we have done as Commissioner on AI and COVID-19 for the President of the Valencian Region. Since March 2020, I have been leading an award winning, multi-disciplinary team of 20+ volunteer scientists been working on 4 large areas: (1) human mobility modeling; (2) computational epidemiological models (both metapopulation, individual and LSTM-based models); (3) predictive models; and (4) citizen surveys via the COVID19impactsurvey  ( with over 580,000 answers worldwide 
I will describe the results that we have produced in each of these areas, including winning the 500K XPRIZE Pandemic Response Challenge. I will share the lessons learned in this very special initiative of collaboration between the civil society at large (through the survey), the scientific community (through the Expert Group) and a public administration (through the Commissioner at the Presidency level).

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Nuria Oliver

Cofounder and Vice president, ELLIS

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