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Retail investors led by social media campaigns promoting buy/sell activities became a serious threat to stability of financial and crypto markets. 
Meme stocks and coins pump and dump rollercoster already resulted in multibillion losses to investors and unprecedent gains to masterminds standing behind market manipulation activities. Listed corporations become a target of activists, whose aim to pressure the capitalisation using all possible means. 

Disinformation and social media campaigns today are spread via distributed networks of social media accounts, driven by manipulation masterminds with high involvement of AI technologies rise efficiency, audience reach and reduce costs.

To fight market manipulation, detect and stop targeted campaigns, disrupt disinformation and manipulation supply networks listed companies and financial institutions need to apply monitoring and response tools.

A strong and important need for full intelligence-led analysis using forensically-sound protocols is needed in the fast evolving information space. Early warning detection, continuous monitoring of disinformation campaigns and artificially promoted narratives can no more be performed simply by humans without the assistance with advanced technology. Using Data Science techniques with models containing NLP, network-based and image-based models provide comprehensive multi-angle analysis. A combination of public, community and private machine learning databases to train and improve model sources allows detection of new campaigns linked to previous ones, artificats of actors and their modus operandi. Human intelligence can feed advanced technology models to be trained, rendering them more effective and efficient.

Financial organizations need to be empowered by artificial intelligence to perform multi-domain and multi-stakeholder analysis, to prevent, identify, response towards potential financial market disruption and ultimately predict and anticipate financial crashes.

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Paul Wang

CEO & Co-founder, ZeNPulsar

Paul Dudko

Head of Product and Data & Co-founder, ZeNPulsar

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How AI can help to fight financial markets manipulation?

With Paul Wang & Paul DudkoPublished March 17, 2022

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