Talk / Overview

In this talk, I will describe our recent efforts to estimate the impacts of COVID-19 induced confinement on the dietary interests of populations in twelve affected countries. As mobility decreased, we find an increased interest in recipes and a reduced interest in restaurants. The amplitude of these changes has a strong association with the severity of the lockdown, and is comparable to the impact of Christmas or Thanksgiving. We find the biggest increases in interest occur for calorie-dense, processed, carbohydrate-based foods: pastry and bakery products, bread and flatbread, pie, dessert. Such drastic shifts in interest have the potential to affect food consumption and the health outcomes of people worldwide and can inform decisions by governments and organisations on measures to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on diet and nutrition.

Talk / Speakers

Kristina Gligorić

Phd Student, EPFL

AMLD / Global partners