Track / Overview

Building on the success of the previous “AI & Cities” editions at AMLD 2019 and AMLD 2020, we want to continue the conversation on challenges and opportunities of the AI revolution on cities around the globe. “AI & Cities” has always been a discussion platform for both urban theorists and practitioners - and we seek to continue this tradition, intersecting views from academics, the public sector and industry.

The year 2020 has brought a global reckoning for cities, with the Coronavirus pandemic not only testing urban resilience and response mechanisms, but also disrupting social dynamics and urban infrastructure; the major “pull-effects” accelerating urbanization throughout the last decades. Challenges such as climate change further amplify the need for AI-derived tools to inform urban planning and empower city agencies.

So how can AI & ML technology help us to adapt to and mitigate the effects of these global events? And how will challenges differ across geographic, economic and cultural spaces? “AI & Cities” 2021 will tackle these and many more pressing questions, featuring a range of talks and panels with leaders in academia, industry and the public sector. As in previous years, we also want to feature young blood and ideas, such as early-career researchers and startups.

Track / Co-organizers

Konstantin Klemmer

PhD Student, University of Warwick / NYU

Shin Alexandre Koseki

Assistant professor, University of Montreal

Nicholas Jones

Data Scientist, World Bank/GFDRR

Eun-Kyeong Kim

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Zurich

AMLD EPFL 2021 / Tracks & talks

AI & Physics

Alexey Melnikov, Giuseppe Carleo, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Marylou Gabrié, Agnes Valenti, Bruno Loureiro, Gregor Kasieczka, Anna Dawid, Paolo Molignini, Roman Worschech, Diego Tapias, Aishik Ghosh, Frank Schäfer, Andrew Saxe

09:00-18:15 September 30Online

AI & Resilience in dynamic environments

Grégoire Caro, Ilya Feige, Lisa R. Goldberg, Jeffrey R. Bohn, Olga Fink

09:00-17:00 October 25Online

AI & Cities

09:00-17:00 December 02Forum Rolex, EPFL and online

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