Track / Overview

How can we make models more robust, and more rapidly adaptable, to increase the world's resilience? In the face of the dramatic changes provoked by the current pandemic, many machine learning-based systems fail to adapt quickly. The re/insurance industry, with many of its insurance products based on AI models, is particularly impacted. Dynamically changing environments dramatically affect the risk landscape of their portfolios.

This track aims to bring together practitioners from academia, industry (not exclusively re/insurance) and startups, to present and discuss the broad topic of modelling in non-stationary environments, where dynamic modelling is required to cope with an intrinsically changing environment that also reacts to the actions taken by the model. Monitoring and addressing model performance degradation in complex enterprise-level machine learning systems will also be a focus of the track, with an emphasis toward AI safety approaches to guarantee models' fairness, interpretability and robustness.

Sub-topics might include:

  • Agent-based modelling
  • Hybrid model-based and statistical modelling
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • AI Safety
  • Causal inference

Track / Speakers

Grégoire Caro

Chapter Lead Data Science Zurich, Swiss Re

Ilya Feige

Director of AI, Faculty

Lisa R. Goldberg

Professor of the Practice of Economics Co-Director, Consortium for Data Analytics in Risk (CDAR)

Jeffrey R. Bohn

Chief Strategy Officer, One Concern

Olga Fink

Professor of Intelligent Maintenance Systems, ETH Zürich

Track / Co-organizers

Luca Baldassarre

Lead Data Scientist, Swiss Re

Edelweiss Choi

Research Partnership Manager, Swiss Re

Patrick Jayet

Tech Lead Computer Vision & Geospatial, AXA GETD

AMLD EPFL 2021 / Tracks & talks

AI & Physics

Alexey Melnikov, Giuseppe Carleo, Balaji Lakshminarayanan, Marylou Gabrié, Agnes Valenti, Bruno Loureiro, Gregor Kasieczka, Anna Dawid, Paolo Molignini, Roman Worschech, Diego Tapias, Aishik Ghosh, Frank Schäfer, Andrew Saxe

09:00-18:15 September 30Online

AI & Resilience in dynamic environments

Grégoire Caro, Ilya Feige, Lisa R. Goldberg, Jeffrey R. Bohn, Olga Fink

09:00-17:00 October 25Online

AI & Cities

09:00-17:00 December 02Forum Rolex, EPFL and online

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