AMLD Generative AI/ FAQs


Where is the event?
AMLD GenAI will be held at the SwissTech Convention Center on EPFL Campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. 

Venue, travel and hotel information are available here

What is the official language of the event?
English is the official language of the event.

Other services?

  • Free Wi-Fi will be available throughout the venue.


Do you offer financial support to attend the event?
No, as a public and non-profit event, we cannot offer financial support to attendees. However, we are offering reduced-price tickets for students, academic, and non-profits.

Can I pay by invoice or wire transfer?
No, the event only offers the possibility of paying by credit card as we use Stripe to handle the payments and it is directly linked to our ticketing system, Tito

How do I get an invoice for the ticket I purchased?
You will receive a purchasing confirmation and receipt via email directly after registration. If needed, you can edit all the details on the invoice through a link in the confirmation email.

Can I reassign a ticket?
Yes, either by clicking on the 'View Order' link from your 'Confirmation & Receipt' email or on the 'Change Details' link from the 'Ticket' confirmation email if the ticket was already completed. Click on 'View / Edit Ticket' and then 'Re-assign'.


How can I become an AMLD partner?
While AMLD GenAI does not offer non-EPFL partnerships, we'd be happy to welcome you as a partner for the next large AMLD 2024 conference in March. Please contact us


Where can I find more information about the program?
As of late June, we are still actively shaping the program, and will update the website soon.

Do you still have questions?
Please email us at

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