August 28-29, 2023
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

This independent AMLD event is operated under license from Applied Machine Learning Days

AMLD Generative AI / Overview

Generative AI and foundation models promise to change the world as personal computers, the web and mobile computing did before them.

To share with you perspectives from the forefront of this transition, we've invited some of the leading academic and industry shapers in this exciting area for an AMLD special symposium to discuss these advances, their transformative potential, and the future risks they pose to society.

Join us for two days - one conference day (August 28th) on, and one workshop day (August 29th) - at this pivotal moment in the next technological revolution.

AMLD Generative AI / Featured speakers

Carmela Troncoso

Professor, EPFL

Rüdiger Urbanke

Professor, EPFL

Antoine Bosselut

Professor, EPFL

Nigam Shah

Professor, Stanford University

Daniel Rock

Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Jonathan Frankle

Chief Scientist, MosaicML

Josie Hughes

Professor, EPFL

Sabine Süsstrunk

Professor, EPFL

Dragoș Tudorache

Member of European Parliament

Kyunghyun Cho

Professor, New York University

Evelina Fedorenko

Professor, MIT

Angela Fan

Research Scientist, Meta AI Research

AMLD Generative AI / Partners

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