Portrait image of Evelina Fedorenko

Evelina Fedorenko is a cognitive neuroscientist who studies the human language system. She received her bachelor’s degree from Harvard in 2002, and her Ph.D.
from MIT in 2007. She was then awarded a K99R00 career development award from NIH. In 2014, she joined the faculty at MGH/HMS, and in 2019 she returned
to MIT where she is currently the Frederick A. (1971) and Carole J. Middleton Career Development Associate Professor of Neuroscience in the BCS Department
and the McGovern Institute for Brain Research. Dr. Fedorenko uses fMRI, intracranial recordings and stimulation, EEG, MEG, and computational modeling,
to study adults and children, including those with developmental and acquired brain disorders, and otherwise atypical brains.

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