Workshops / Overview

Join us and learn some praticial machine learning skills on Saturday and Sunday during our Workshop weekend. Participate in hands-on experiences as training sessions, coding classes, tutorials, experiments or hackathons!

TensorFlow Basics 2019 – Saturday

With Bartek Wołowiec, Megan Ruthven, Ruslan Habalov & Andreas Steiner

09:00-16:30 January 26

Document Digitization Challenge

With Mihai Gurban & Raquel Terrés Cristofani

09:00-16:30 January 262A

TensorFlow Basics 2019 – Sunday

With Bartek Wołowiec, Megan Ruthven, Ruslan Habalov & Andreas Steiner

09:00-16:30 January 274ABC

Blue Brain Nexus, a knowledge graph for data driven projects

With Mohameth François Sy, Samuel Kerrien & Huanxiang Lu

09:00-16:30 January 272BC

Advances in ML: Theory meets practice II

With Aymeric Dieuleveut & Sebastian Stich

13:30-16:30 January 271BC

Artificial Curiosity: Intrinsic Motivation in Machines too!

With Gaétan Ramet, Thibault Calvayrac & Axel Uran

13:30-16:30 January 27Foyer Garden 2

Building an on-device voice assistant with Snips

With Laurent Chervet & Eric Bezzam

13:30-16:30 January 272A

Policy-Making and Data Economy at the city level: utopia or reality?

With Stefania Delprete & Christian Racca

13:30-16:30 January 271A

Enabling Resilience with Remote Sensing

With Charilaos Tsarouchas

09:00-12:00 January 271A

Explainable AI: How to demystify machine learning models

With Christian Blakely & Tiba Razmi

09:00-12:00 January 272A

Shipshape open data

With Oleg Lavrovsky

09:00-12:00 January 27Foyer Garden 2

Machine Learning in Finance

With Miquel Noguer Alonso

09:00-16:30 January 275BC

Machine Learning Competition: Tennis Analysis

With Maxime Gabella

09:00-16:30 January 27Foyer Garden 1

Crashcourse in R for machine learning

With Radmila Velichkovich

09:00-16:30 January 273A

Machine Learning for fake news detection: theory and practice

With Maëlle Baud, Miles Timpe & Maria Han Veiga

09:00-16:30 January 273BC

Applied Language Technologies

With Kornelia Papp & NLP Meetup Zurich

13:30-16:30 January 265BC

Deep Learning optimization and deployment with TensorRT in TensorFlow and Python

With Nicola Rieke & Cristiana Dinea

13:30-16:30 January 262BC

Using PySpark and interactive Jupyter notebook on Amazon Clusters

With Hamed Razavi

13:30-16:30 January 263BC

Engineering for good – detecting pneumonia in X-Ray images

With Michal Rachtan, Marek Pasieka & Julien Herzen

13:30-16:30 January 265A

Reatching into the Rabbit Hole: Should we replace teachers with AI?

With Servan Grüninger, Valeria Eckhardt & Heinz Bachmann

13:30-16:30 January 261A

Tutorial: Build your first predictive model to forecast and detect anomalies

With Sébastien Léger

09:00-12:00 January 265A

PySpark: Big Data Processing and Machine Learning with Python

With Hamed Razavi

09:00-12:00 January 265BC

ML in your organization: a practical toolbox to identify and seize highest value opportunities in Machine Learning

With Timon Zimmermann, Hakim Invernizzi & Matteo Togninalli

09:00-12:00 January 261A

Data Augmentation and Segmentation with Generative Networks for Medical Imaging

With Nicola Rieke & Cristiana Dinea

09:00-12:00 January 262BC

Hands-on deep learning with TensorFlow.js

With Harry Anderson & Frederic Ouwehand

09:00-12:00 January 263BC

Data exploration and preparation for Machine Learning

With Tereza Iofciu, Alisa Dammer, Honza Bílek & Philipp Kähler

09:00-16:30 January 261BC

Learning and Processing over Networks

With Rodrigo Pena & Michaël Defferrard

09:00-16:30 January 26Foyer Garden 1

Applied Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection on Equipment

With Alexandra Gunderson, Trung Doan & Lukasz Mentel

09:00-16:30 January 26Foyer Garden 2

TDA crash course: theory and practice for ML applications

With Giovanni Petri

09:00-16:30 January 263A

Hands-on PyTorch tutorial

With Andreas Hug & Evann Courdier

09:00-12:00 January 271BC

GirlsCoding at Applied Machine Learning Days

With Sergei Bobrovskyi, Miranda Kreković, Marta Martínez Cámara, GirlsCoding & Artificial Intelligence Journal

10:00-17:00 January 275A

AMLD EPFL 2019 / Program

Talks & tracks

16 tracks & a special night with Garry Kasparov.

January 28-29, 2019

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