Building Interpretable AI for Digital Pathology

With Guillaume Jaume, Pushpak Pati & Mara Graziani

09:00-12:00 April 27Online

Virtual Interviewer: Build your own interviewing agent

With Pooja Shikaripur Bheemasena Rao, Dinesh Babu Jayagopi & Mauro Cherubini

14:00-17:00 April 27Online

How to deliver a successful AI project in Medicine - from concept to reproducible processes and solutions

With Pawel Rosikiewicz, Onur Yürüten & Oksana Riba Grognuz

09:00-17:00 April 27Online

Forecasting epileptic seizures

With Timothée Proix & Maxime Baud

09:00-17:00 April 27Online

Machine Learning in Science: encoding physical constraints and good development practices

With Miles Timpe & Maria Han Veiga

09:00-17:00 April 27Online

How to make your NLP system multilingual

With Adam Bittlingmayer & Nerses Nersesyan

10:00-12:00 March 02Online

Deep Learning-Driven Text Summarization & Explainability with Reuters News Data

With Nadja Herger, Nina Hristozova & Andreea Iuga

15:00-17:30 March 02Online

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