Track / Overview

This two-day Open Track will bring together the PhD students and postdocs working on collaborative research projects between academia and Microsoft via the Swiss
Joint Research Center, MixedReality & AI Zurich Lab, Mixed Reality & AI Cambridge Lab, and Inria Joint Center, their academic and Microsoft supervisors, as
well as the wider research community. This Open Track continues in the tradition of the annual Swiss JRC Workshops where researchers will provide project updates and discuss their research with their supervisors and other attendants. The agenda will be complemented by guest talks from industry on relevant product developments and technologies. The two-day open track will include March 29th – AI (non-Computer Vision), Confidential Computing, Health, Cloud, Systems and March 30th – Computer Vision and Mixed Reality.

Track / Schedule


With Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche, Ondrej Miksik & Marc Pollefeys

Keynote: Towards Scalable Digital Doubles

With Julien Valentin

Flow-based 3D Avatar Generation from Sparse Observations

With Sadegh Aliakbarian


Egocentric Interaction Capture for Mixed Reality

With Siwei Zhang

Deep 3D Surface Meshes

With Pascal Fua

Context-Aware Sequence Alignment using 4D Skeletal Augmentation

With Taein Kwon

EPFL Smart Kitchen: Home-Based Functional Assessment Platform for Neurological Patients

With Haozhe Qi

Cross-Descriptor Visual Localization and Mapping

With Mihai Dusmanu

Privacy Preserving Partial Localization

With Marcel Geppert

IterMVS: Iterative Probability Estimation for Efficient Multi-View Stereo

Robust volumetric mapping in changing environments

With Lukas Schmid


Keynote: Role of Simulation in Machine Intelligence: Beyond Synthetic Data

With Ashish Kapoor

Project Altair: Infrared Vision and AI-Decision Making for Longer Drone Flights

With Florian Achermann

Mixed Reality for Shared Autonomy

With Marco Tognon

Collaborative Human-Robot Motion Planning with Mixed Reality

With Florian Kennel-Maushart

Lightweight Capture of Personalized Neural Animatable Avatars


Track / Speakers

Pascal Fua

Professor, EPFL

Florian Achermann

ETH Zürich

Haozhe Qi

PhD student

Lukas Schmid

PhD student, ETHZ

Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche

Director, Microsoft Research

Siwei Zhang

PhD student, ETH Zurich

Ashish Kapoor

Partner Research Manager, Microsoft

Marco Tognon

Dr., ETH

Marcel Geppert

PhD student, ETH Zurich

Mihai Dusmanu

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

Sadegh Aliakbarian

Research Scientist, Microsoft

Taein Kwon

PhD student, ETH Zurich

Marc Pollefeys

Lab Director, Mixed Reality and AI Lab Zurich, Microsoft Research

Ondrej Miksik

Scientist, Mixed Reality and AI Lab Zurich, Microsoft Research

Florian Kennel-Maushart

PhD Student, Computational Robotics Lab, ETHZ

Julien Valentin

Principal Scientist, Microsoft

Pietro Dirix

PhD Student, ETH Zurich

Track / Co-organizers

Scarlet Schwiderski-Grosche

Director, Microsoft Research

Ondrej Miksik

Scientist, Mixed Reality and AI Lab Zurich, Microsoft Research

AMLD EPFL 2022 / Tracks & talks

AMLD Keynote Session – Monday morning

Marcel Salathé, Lenka Zdeborová, Carmela Troncoso, Chiara Enderle, Patrick Barbey, Thomas Wolf, Gunther Jansen, Laure Willemin, Simon Hefti, Arthur Gassner

10:00-12:00 March 28Auditorium A

AI & Physics

Francesca Mignacco, Gert-Jan Both, Michael Unser, Thomas Asikis, Dalila Salamani, Pietro Rotondo, Tom Beucler, Giulio Biroli

12:30-18:00 March 285BC

AI & Pharma

Asif Jan, Jonas Richiardi, Patrick Schwab, Naghmeh Ghazaleh, Alexander Büsser, Carlos Ciller, Caibin Sheng, Silvia Zaoli, Félix Balazard, Giulia Capestro, Marianna Rapsomaniki, Martijn van Attekum

13:30-17:30 March 281BC

AMLD / Global partners