Track / Schedule

Data and Machine Learning: A catalyst for a more sustainable behavior?

With Mohamed Kafsi

Automated Tumor Burden Assessment from CT-scans

With Yury Petrov

Predictive Maintenance – Not another Silver Bullet

With Alexandra Gunderson

Knowledge Graphs as Stepping Stones from Enterprise Data to AI

With Thierry Caminel

Everything your machine learning model needs to know about your business: How to grow profit in the telecom industry

With Pietro Berkes

Testing your Machine Learning Pipelines

With Kristina Georgieva


AI and Industry Startups

With Patrick Barbey

Fraud Detection in financial institutions

With Constantin C Nicolae

Get Your Hands Dirty

With Laura Downhower

Interrogating Legacy Documents with AI

With Matteo Togninalli

The potential of A.I. in health and the opportunities across the pharma pipeline

With Nicholas Kelley

Evaluating Models for Launch

With Megan Ruthven

Real applications of machine learning in manufacturing

With Srikrishna Chaitanya Konduru

The impact of Simulation on advances in Reinforcement Learning

With Danny Lange

Machine Intelligence for urban resilience

With Luca Baldassarre & Alicia Montoya

AI for knowledge management at lawyer offices

With Frank Grognet

Optical train localization

With Albert Hofstetter

How to successfully adopt AI within an enterprise?

With Marie Vollmar

AI: New gameplay for fragrance & taste creation

With Guillaume Godin & Philippe Glénat


AI strategy for highly regulated industries

With Gloria Macia

Talk by Microsoft Research

With Christopher Bishop

AI for quality monitoring and control of highly dynamics processes

With Kilian Wasmer

Automated Risk-aware Identity and Access Management via Recommendation System

With Mahdad Hosseini Kamal

Inventing the products and medicines of tomorrow with the help of AI

With Daniel Neil & Julian Nolan

Track / Speakers

Danny Lange

VP of AI and Machine Learning, Unity Technologies

Megan Ruthven

Software Engineer, Google

Luca Baldassarre

Lead Data Scientist, Swiss Re

Christopher Bishop

Laboratory Director, Microsoft Research Cambridge

Mohamed Kafsi

Team lead, Swisscom

Constantin C Nicolae

Senior Data Scientist, Credit Suisse

Kilian Wasmer

Group Leader, Empa

Kristina Georgieva

Senior Data Scientist, BCG Digital Ventures

Alexandra Gunderson

Co-founder, Unifai

Frank Grognet

Senior Business Analyst, Atos Belgium

Mahdad Hosseini Kamal

Security Engineering Manager, Philip Morris

Pietro Berkes

Principal Data Scientist, Kudelski group

Gloria Macia

Data Scientist, F. Hoffmann-La Roche

Albert Hofstetter

Senior Research Scientist, SBB

Srikrishna Chaitanya Konduru

Senior Data Scientist, Bühler Group

Marie Vollmar

Enterprise AI Strategist Dataiku

Yury Petrov

Principle Data Scientist, Genentech

Julian Nolan

CEO, Iprova

Daniel Neil

VP of AI, BenevolentAI

Thierry Caminel

AI and Innovation Leader, Atos

Patrick Barbey

Director, Innovaud

Philippe Glénat

VP Digital Lab, Firmenich

Guillaume Godin

Scientific Director AI, Firmenich

Alicia Montoya

Head of Research Commercialization, Swiss Re Institute

Matteo Togninalli

COO, Visium

Laura Downhower

Executive Director, EPFL Extension School

Nicholas Kelley

Data Science & AI Advisor, Novartis Digital Office

Track / Co-organizers

Marcel Salathé

Professor, EPFL

AMLD EPFL 2020 / Tracks & talks

AI & Climate Change

Lynn Kaack, Nikola Milojevic-Dupont, Nicholas Jones, Felix Creutzig, Buffy Price, Slava Jankin, Olivier Corradi, Liam F. Beiser-McGrath, Marius Zumwald, Eniko Székely, Max Callaghan, Soon Hoe Lim, Mohamed Kafsi, Daniel de Barros Soares, Matthias Meyer, Chris Heinrich, Emmanouil Thrampoulidis, Marta Gonzalez, Kristina Orehounig, David Dao, Bibek Paudel

13:30-17:00 January 2709:00-12:30 January 285ABC

AI & Humanitarian Action

Neil Davison, Max Tegmark, Carmela Troncoso, Alessandro Mantelero, Michela D'Onofrio, Francois Fleuret, Amina Chebira, John C. Havens, Marc Brockschmidt, Helen Toner, Dustin Lewis, Subhashis Banerjee, Rebeca Moreno Jimenez, Netta Goussac, Volkan Cevher, Anika Schumann, Nadia Marsan, Massimo Marelli, Anja Kaspersen

09:00-17:00 January 283A

AI & Cities 2020

Konstantin Klemmer, Shin Alexandre Koseki, Eun-Kyeong Kim, Nicholas Jones, Kamil Kaczmarek, Kiran Zahra, Roger Fischer, Doori Oh, Ran Goldblatt, Martí Bosch, Roman Prokofyev, Dmitry Kudinov, Camille Lechot, Ellie Cosgrave, Javier Pérez Trufero, Layik Hama, Hoda Allahbakhshi, Marta Gonzalez, Valery Fischer, Emmanouil Tranos, Jens Kandt, Yussuf Said Yussuf, Nyalleng Moorosi, Nick Lucius

09:00-17:00 January 281BC

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