Track / Overview

Financial institutes spend a significant proportion of their budget on risk and compliance, and the expectation is that this figure will only grow with increasing regulation and market complexity. Thus, there is a large pressure on this sector to achieve better risk coverage and give greater assurance with less resources. The hope is that this will be achieved by digital transformation, with Artificial Intelligence as one of the essential ingredients.

Adopting a more data-driven way of working is challenging for many financial organisations, due to data quality issues, organisational silos and legacy data infrastructure, amongst others. At the same time, there is a large potential for an array of use cases and AI technologies.

The talks in this track will address the technological side and concrete use cases, and the organisational and regulatory aspects of the adoption of AI for risk in financial institutions.

Track / Co-organizers

Ernst Oldenhof

Data Scientist, Julius Bär

Milica Lazic

Head of Audit Business & Analytics, Julius Baer

Sacha Schwab

Senior Compliance Manager, SIX Digital Exchange

AMLD EPFL 2021 / Tracks & talks

AI & Democracy

Robert West, Roy Gava, Victor Kristof, Steven Eichenberger, Alexandra Siegel, Lucas Leemann, Rayid Ghani, Sophie Achermann, Alexander Immer, Jacques Savoy, Oana Goga, Christine Choirat, Arianna Ornaghi, Irio Musskopf

10:00-18:00 January 25

AI & Food and Nutrition

09:00-17:00 March 01

Clinical Machine Learning

09:00-17:00 March 18

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