Track / Overview

Telecom operators are in a very particular position, managing critical, complex infrastructure while having to deal with decreasing core-business profit margins. The role of operators is crucial for providing access to the digital world, and for this reason service availability guarantees are often enforced contractually (SLAs).

To ensure operational excellence, it has become common practice for Telcos to leverage infrastructure usage data. These data are collected in addition to data that most businesses collect about customer interaction and business processes. Thus, operators find themselves processing large amounts of data, which can naturally drive them to develop Data Science and Machine Learning expertise.

In this track we want to dive into specific approaches of various operators when it comes to using the rich data available and adopting ML techniques in a consistent fashion.

The topics we envision are:

  • Leveraging infrastructure measurements and usage data to improve availability, detect anomalies, and automate operations.
  • Extracting additional value from network usage data, e.g., aggregated mobility indicators and CO2 emission estimation.
  • Addressing data privacy, ethics, and compliance.
  • Improving customer experience via customer understanding.
  • Enhancing customer interaction though conversational AI.

Track / Schedule

SARA - A1 Network Analytics Solution

With Jelena Tomić

Predictive Network Maintenance for Mobile Services

With Imen Grida Ben Yahia


From 1 day to 1 hour for Cell Tower Inspection

With Daniel López Sánchez & Andrea Dotti

Creating a New Super Tuner for Mobile Networks using ML

With Jules Triomphe & Pavle Belanovic


Using Mobile Network Data for Insights into Mobility in Italy during the Coronavirus Outbreak

With Enrico Cobelli

Artificial Intelligence and Decentralized Privacy Preserving Mechanisms for Telco Industry

With Diego Perino


AI that Humanizes Customer Service

With Biljana Makedonska - Paneva

Deep dive in Swisscom's Conversational AI Platform

With Maxime Darçot

Applied AI in customer interaction: deep dive into text analytics

With Mark Wessel & Gianluigi Bardelloni

Track / Speakers

Imen Grida Ben Yahia

PhD. AI Empowered Networks Engineering lead.

Diego Perino

Director, Telefonica Research

Biljana Makedonska - Paneva

Business Owner Voice Analytics, Deutsche Telekom Service

Jelena Tomić

Data Scientist, A1 Telekom Austria Group

Jules Triomphe

Data Scientist, Swisscom

Maxime Darçot

Data Scientist, Swisscom

Pavle Belanovic

Head of Mobile Analytics, Swisscom

Andrea Dotti

Senior Manager, Pix4D

Daniel López Sánchez

ML Engineer, Pix4D

Enrico Cobelli

Data scientist & engineer, Vodafone

Mark Wessel

Product Owner Digital assistant & Customer service, KPN

Gianluigi Bardelloni

AI Expert Lead, KPN

Track / Co-organizers

Emma Lejal Glaude

Co-lead ML team, Swisscom

Dan-Cristian Tomozei

Research Director, Swisscom

Andreea Hossmann

Principal Product Manager for Data, Analytics and AI, Swisscom

AMLD EPFL 2022 / Tracks & talks

AMLD Keynote Session – Monday morning

Marcel Salathé, Lenka Zdeborová, Carmela Troncoso, Chiara Enderle, Patrick Barbey, Thomas Wolf, Gunther Jansen, Laure Willemin, Simon Hefti, Arthur Gassner

10:00-12:00 March 28Auditorium A

AI & Physics

Francesca Mignacco, Gert-Jan Both, Michael Unser, Thomas Asikis, Dalila Salamani, Pietro Rotondo, Tom Beucler, Giulio Biroli

12:30-18:00 March 285BC

AI & Pharma

Asif Jan, Jonas Richiardi, Patrick Schwab, Naghmeh Ghazaleh, Alexander Büsser, Carlos Ciller, Caibin Sheng, Silvia Zaoli, Félix Balazard, Giulia Capestro, Marianna Rapsomaniki, Martijn van Attekum

13:30-17:30 March 281BC

AMLD / Global partners