Track / Schedule

AI in Industry - from dating to marriage

With Florian Roessler

Machine Learning for Consumer Electronics

With Milos Cernak

Becoming a Data & Insight-Driven Logistic Company

With Isabell Franck

Empowering the Human Resources Industry with AI and Natural Language Processing​

With Alejandro Jesús Castañeira Rodríguez

Conflict of Jurisdictions: Who governs where this is running on?

With Max Schrems

Using AI for automatic hail damage assessment

With Paola Bianchi

Firmenich d-lab: Journey of an Industrial ML Lab

With Christine Chichester & Julien Herzen

Reimagining medicine using ML at Novartis

With Prateek Katiyar


Monitoring in the Big Data Era: to AD or not to AD?

With Joana Soares Machado & Jelena Malić

AI in Industry: Story of a failure. Let's share our experiences!

With Yohann Perron

Detecting Project Overruns with Time Series Models

With Sascha Wieser & Silvan Melchior

Increasing sales with lightning fast MLOps - From Scratch to Production in days

With Lukas Altenkamp & Philipp Thomas

Why leverage AI in Manufacturing?

With Florent Bourbon

Enabling Property Risk Intelligence with Earth Observation AI

With Ciprian Tomoiagă

Federated Learning Challenges and Research Opportunities

With Mathieu Andreux

Leveraging Behavioral Digital Twins to steer a business

With Pietro Berkes

Ambient Assisted Living for Elderly People

With Cédric Bleuler, Sebastian Suter & Sonja Gassner

Research at Meta AI in 5 minutes

With Gabriel Synnaeve

AI in Railways inspection: theory VS reality

With Fetai Ilir

HoloLens, Mixed Reality and Spatial Computing

With Marc Pollefeys

Opportunities and Challenges of Using NLP in Healthcare

With Elif Ozkirimli

Track / Speakers

Pietro Berkes

Principal Data Scientist, Kudelski Group

Julien Herzen

Area Director, Unit8

Elif Ozkirimli

Head of Data Science, Roche

Max Schrems

Founder of NOYB – European Center for Digital Rights

Isabell Franck

Head of Adv. Analytics & AI, Swiss Post

Florian Roessler

PhD, Unit8 SA

Joana Soares Machado

Data Scientist, Swisscom

Lukas Altenkamp

Senior Consultant, D ONE

Milos Cernak

Principal engineer, Logitech

Paola Bianchi

Data Scientist, Zühlke

Philipp Thomas

Senior Data Scientist, Raiffeisen Schweiz

Alejandro Jesús Castañeira Rodríguez

Lead Data Scientist

Christine Chichester

Director d-lab, Firmenich SA

Ciprian Tomoiagă

Research Scientist Expert

Sascha Wieser

Data Scientists, Zühlke

Silvan Melchior

Data Scientists, Zühlke

Mathieu Andreux

Federated Learning Group Lead

Jelena Malić

Data Scientist, Swisscom

Cédric Bleuler

Data Scientist, Zühlke Engineering

Sebastian Suter

Data Scientist, Zühlke Engineering

Sonja Gassner

Data Scientist, Zühlke Engineering

Marc Pollefeys

Lab Director, Mixed Reality and AI Lab Zurich, Microsoft Research

Florent Bourbon

Director of Switzerland and Austria, Dataiku

Fetai Ilir

Product Owner AI in railway inspection, SBB AG

Gabriel Synnaeve


Prateek Katiyar

Associate Director - Imaging Analytics, Novartis

Yohann Perron

Innovation Advisor

AMLD EPFL 2022 / Tracks & talks

AMLD Keynote Session – Monday morning

Marcel Salathé, Lenka Zdeborová, Carmela Troncoso, Chiara Enderle, Patrick Barbey, Thomas Wolf, Gunther Jansen, Laure Willemin, Simon Hefti, Arthur Gassner

10:00-12:00 March 28Auditorium A

AI & Physics

Francesca Mignacco, Gert-Jan Both, Michael Unser, Thomas Asikis, Dalila Salamani, Pietro Rotondo, Tom Beucler, Giulio Biroli

12:30-18:00 March 285BC

AI & Pharma

Asif Jan, Jonas Richiardi, Patrick Schwab, Naghmeh Ghazaleh, Alexander Büsser, Carlos Ciller, Caibin Sheng, Silvia Zaoli, Félix Balazard, Giulia Capestro, Marianna Rapsomaniki, Martijn van Attekum

13:30-17:30 March 281BC

AMLD / Global partners